Tryouts & Evaluations

Tryouts and evaluations are in the Summer (July-August).  If you're interested in joining a Twenty4 Team feel free to connect with us and discuss options.  Depending on team rosters, consideration for evaluation may be possible through an open team practice coach's discretion.  

Feel free to connect with us at

Upcoming Tryouts

Tryouts for new Nassau Teams - August 15th, August 22nd and September 12th  

Tryout Schedule​

2030, 2031, 2032        3-4:30pm

2028 & 2029                 4-5:30pm

2026 & 2027                  5-6:30 pm

2024 & 2025                 6-7:30pm

2023                                  7-8:30pm

Location: Holy Trinity in Hicksville