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Common Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions around Twenty4 Lacrosse.  We always welcome further questions and comments at any time.

What does Twenty4 include for $2100 per year?

$2100 Includes the Following:

Custom Cascade S Helmet (Included for a new player and renewed when helmet expires (3 year life) *** Helmet is offered on the team store and can be bought for $100 with $200 player coupon or be used for other team store items. 

50 Practice Target

Sublimated Custom Uniform

Custom Equipment Bag or Other Apparel Choices

** Update: For 2021-22 season our budget allows for 4 Tournaments per team due to sharp increases in event pricing.

Indoor Winter Training

Box Lacrosse (Up Charge)

* Most of our teams will be priced at our base program cost. Pricing may be higher for some teams to accommodate other enhancements to the season such as specialty coaching teams, additional tournaments, show cases, box lacrosse, travel expenses & skill clinics.


How much are tryouts?

$100 per player allows you to attend both tryout dates in Farmingdale and Comsewogue. Even if you can't make a tryout date, we will make every effort to see your son. Tryout fees are non refundable.


Can I walk up and pay for my son's tryout?

Yes but the fee will be $120. It is definitely preferred that you register online so we have all your information on file.


When/where are Tryouts being held and what if I can't make it?

Tryouts are taking in place at Comsewogue HS. Our schedule is posted but always subject to change based on weather or other unforeseen events. We plan on adding supplemental tryout dates for those who can't make it so you can feel free to sign up even if the dates don't work. We will make EVERY effort to evaluate all players who register for Twenty4's try outs.


Where is the indoor session held and how many sessions will it be?

We are planning between 8-10; one hour indoor sessions. The indoor facility will be close to where the majority of the players/coach live.


How many coaches does each team have?

Our goal is to have 2 dedicated coaches per team. Our head coaches are in charge of selecting their assistant coaches according to the needs of the team. Our coaching team works closely together to ensure practices and tournaments are well staffed. You can expect to see a variety of coaches helping your son and the team get better.


How many tournaments will my son's team play in?

Our target for each team is five quality tournaments. Tournament cost structures vary. Some are 2 days and some are one day. Some charge considerably more for older kids and some don't. Summer tournaments by default are more expensive then fall or spring tournaments. The big tournament organizers charge the most, while the local fund raiser ones are more economical. We manage our tournament budget by considering all these things. Our goal is to find tournamnets suitable for the skill level of our teams whenever possible. If team are looking to do more then the budgeted tournaments then we will pass the fee along at cost. This seldom happens.


Does Twenty4 use dad coaches?

We employ the best coach we can for the team whether its a Dad or not. Most of our coaches do not have children in the program but we have no objection if a father is a head coaching, assistant coach or helping out on a Twenty4 lacrosse team.


How does Twenty4 offer such a comprenhensive program at half the cost?

Its simple. Its not about the money. It never has been. Our margins are very thin. We charge enough to fund the program so we can provide opportunities for kids to play the game. Many clubs are focusing on maxmizing their profits, we are focusing on giving the game back to families at all income levels.


We started Twenty4 to as an alternative to high priced travel clubs. After all, its not the club that makes a team great, its the players and the coaches. "Elite" travel clubs will brag about championships, college recruiting, super human coaching staffs and all their amazing "stuff" to justify their over priced programs. Twenty Four is dedicated to providing the structure that is necessary for our players to look good, feel good and be successful at a fraction of the cost.


How soon will I know if I made the team? How long do I have to respond?

Our goal is to have invites complete before end of September. We wiil ask that you register within 48 hours of receiving your invite to reserve your spot. Its okay that you accept an invite beyond the 48 hour window but there is a risk that you will lose your spot to another player.

Let's Work Together

Connect with a Twenty4 Coach or contact us at with any additional questions.

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