Program Information

Welcome to Twenty Four Lacrosse.  We are the fastest growing professionally run travel lacrosse club on Long Island.  We pride ourselves in delivering a premium youth lacrosse experience.  The fiber of our club is a combination of dedicated players, coaches and families who love the game and whenever possible prioritize their participation in our activities on and off the field.   Our model lends to development of our players through proactive coaching and creating as many quality play/practice opportunities as possible.  We recruit the most committed lacrosse players that will leverage what we offer to further their individual development, and that of the team.   From the beginning of the season to its conclusion, Twenty Four Lacrosse teams and players will be the most improved if they adhere to our training regiment and core beliefs.


We do not judge our teams by wins and losses, but more by our ability to develop a cohesive unit of players that are willing to extend themselves for each other and play at or close to their natural ability.  It’s a team sport and our players will learn to play the game correctly; we will never encourage selfish play.  We will seek out the most competitive teams to challenge us so we can better understand our capabilities and where a path to improvement can be identified. 


We consider effort and attendance at our team practices to be paramount in the success of our teams.  We will instill in each player a “never quit” attitude that will thrive in the toughest competitive situations.    Playing time will be determined more by effort in practice rather then natural talent.  Our goal is develop a core group of players that will always out-work their competitors and have an uncommon desire to succeed. 


To achieve our objectives, each player & team will be put on a roadmap to succeed.  Whether a player requires improvement in speed/agility or stick skills, we will suggest a regiment of extracurricular training to push each individual's development curve.   We will be honest with regards to each player’s role and give constant feedback on how they can contribute more as individuals and team players.


Players and families will understand that joining Twenty Four is being part of an organization that strives to push development pragmatically, with realistic goals that keep each player & team on a trajectory of improvement.    Each player will learn how to train harder and be mentally tougher than our opponents.   At an early age, our program will teach our players to work hard, be accountable for their actions and that the team always takes priority to individual.

Program Expectations


  • Manage an incredibly well run lacrosse organizations.

  • Over communicate with and listen carefully to our parents, coaches and players.

  • Deliver our core promises and commitments.

  • Fund our program appropriately so our vendors, partners and coach’s can be compensated in a timely manner.  To deliver a premium lacrosse experience to our players, this must happen.

  • Leverage technology to be to become more efficient at managing our business operations and scale our program accordingly.

  • Treat all teams whether highly skilled, intermediate or beginner in the same fashion with regards to management, resources and program services being offered. 

  • Never let greed get in the way.  We will never over charge our families, cheat our vendors and not compensate our coaches as we exist because of them. 

  • We will grow our program as it makes sense to expand it.  We will only take on new teams or endeavors if we can succeed and maintain a high level of quality.

  • Twenty Four Lacrosse will attract high quality, motivated and honest individuals to evolve our program and advance our brand.

  • Twenty Four Lacrosse is supportive of the lacrosse community with regards to working collaboratively with other clubs and organizations to further the game and playing opportunities.

  • Twenty Four Lacrosse promotes and engages in the betterment of the community through charities, sponsorships and community out -reach to all individuals, groups and organization that help the less fortunate.

Coaches Expectations

  • Develop and improve the quality of the program. Create a positive team culture to effectively teach the game of lacrosse.

  • Give each player individual feedback and suggest extra curricular training to enhance the players development curve.  

  • Implement a consistent method and philosophy for teaching lacrosse at the team and individual level.  An emphasis and investment in the process of team building.

  • Develop the individual through positive and productive instruction.

  • Provide one on one coaching opportunities and skills training when necessary.

  • Focus on player skill and lacrosse IQ development when appropriate.

  • Create a highly competitive team atmosphere through emphasis on maximum effort, continued learning.

  • Remove the player’s fear of making mistakes in the spirit of developing their own self improvement mechanism.

Player Expectations


  • “We practice like we play and play like we practice.”  Coaches are looking for hustle and effort during practice.  One of our goals is to develop each player’s tenacity and “never quit” attitude & work ethic.

  • Playtime is earned at practice.  We will attempt to balance playing time when possible however there are situations where we will have some players in more if we are in tight games.   We will attempt to make up playing time when possible.  

  • If other sports team take priority over our club, then most likely this team is not for you.  We are a serious lacrosse club with high expectations for our program, coaches and players.

  • Regular Attendance to practice is required.  Low attendance at practice limits the coach’s ability to elevate the level of play of the team as a whole.  Your playtime is directly correlated with your participation in practice.  If you can't make practice, make sure the coach knows why.

  • Win with class, lose with class.  No matter the outcome, good competition will always make us better.

  • Playing for other club teams on a regular basis is prohibited. 

  • Practice Pinney’s and shorts are worn during practice, never wear any part of our game uniform.

  • Wearing your full uniform is mandatory at games.  No other non-team attire is allowed.

  • Un-Sportsman like conduct and bad behavior will result in no or reduced playing time and/or player suspension according to coach’s & program director’s discretion.  We will not tolerate negative exchanges with fellow players, opponents, coaches or refs.

  • The needs and goals of the team and program always supersede that of the player.

  • Lacrosse is a team sport and our coach’s will teach the game as such.   Selfish play will be discouraged and corrected to further the performance as a team as a whole.

  • Players should always be attentive and remain quiet when our coach’s speak to the team. 

  • Players represent our club on and off the field.  We ask that every player be mindful of this and give our program reasons to be proud, not embarrassed.  

Parent Expectations


  • Parents are expected to be supportive of our coaches and program directors.

  • Let the coach, coach – avoid giving instructions during the game.

  • During games positive and encouraging cheers are welcome.  Refrain from arguing on the sidelines with other coaches, officials or other spectators.  As an organization, we must handle tense situations with class.  Do not let conflicts escalate.  When in doubt, walk away. 

  • Recognize that officiating is never perfect and challenging officials regarding their calls never results in the call being changed.

  • Parents should NEVER approach coach’s about their concerns right after a game or practice.  The proper protocol is to email the coach and request a call be setup to discuss any and all issues.  You must not contact a coach via phone/text or email until at least 24 hours have elapsed if this is related to a specific incident.  This is a cool down period to assure parents and coaches have time to calm down before communications are exchanged.

  • Updating TeamSnap with your Son’s availability for practices & games is an ABSOLUTE must.  Use the “note” field in Team Snap to communicate details about your son’s availability.  It is strongly encouraged that you download the mobile app on your phone to maximize this technology.  Parents are asked to use the Team Chat feature as well as the media storage to share pictures and videos with the rest of the team.

  • Club fees are ALWAYS expected to be paid on time to fund our program and make sure that our coach’s and partners are also paid.  Late payment if any must be discussed with our program director with specific reasons given in writing.  Failure to pay after 2 warnings could result in reduced playing /practice time or suspension from the team

2020 Program Base Pricing

  • Custom Cascade S Helmet (Included for a new player and renewed when helmet expires (3 year life) 

  • 50 Practice Target

  • $200 Team Store credit that can be used towards sublimated custom uniform, custom gloves and/or other apparel choices

  • League & Summer Tournaments 

  • Indoor Winter Team & Individual Skill Sessions if available.     

* Most of our teams will be priced at our base program cost.  Pricing may be higher for some teams to accommodate other enhancements to the season such as specialty coaching teams, additional  tournaments, show cases, box lacrosse, travel expenses & skill clinics.  

Refund Policy

  • All Fees and tuition are considered non refundable.   Changes in schedules, times, staffing​, merchandise, tournaments are management decisions and done with the best interest of the team and/or program in mind and are not considered valid reasons for refunds or credits.  

  • Twenty Four Lacrosse funds all its obligations (field permits, tournaments, equipment, indoor time etc)  in advance to maintain the best relationship with all of our partners. We rely on our club members timely payments to deliver as promised.  Twenty Four Lacrosse offers a payment plan to make  it easier to absorb our tuition over the course of the year.  If during the season you leave our club for any and all reasons, all fees and tuition are still due and expected to be paid on time.