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Twenty4 Programs

Meeting needs of Long Island Boys from 2nd to 11th Grade (2032-2023) with Travel Teams, Academy Level training programs anchored by LI-Elite Professional Trainers & Coaches.

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Individual Developement

Players assessment and development plans are a key ingredient to all our programs.  We set goals, objectives and build a continually evolving plan with players and parents throughout on and off season.

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       Coaches Principles

Our professional coaches recognize each player brings different levels of skills.  We aim to foster growth based on ability, player goals and athletic ability of each player individually while balancing the level and direction of the team.  Additional Clinics and training are always available to assist players growth.

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          Team Development

Each player is inspired and encouraged to build partnership on the field and friendships off the field for overall team development.  The club participates in many leagues and tournaments where team building delivers results.

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           Player Principles

Players on Twenty4 are committed to their long-term development.  Each player goes the extra mile at every practice and dedicated to playing to their peak performance level during training and competitions.

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       Future Development

As your child either prepares for High School and College level Lacrosse, the Twenty4 coaching staff will help you every step of the way to assist through the steps and process for players to achieve their goals.

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        Parents Principles

Twenty4 Coaches and Training Directors maintain a very open communication style with players and parents alike.  Open communication on and off the field is critical to the development of all players.  Unity and success is the core principle at Twenty4.

Travel Program

  • Moderate Price Tuition (Includes all Below)

  • Custom Cascade S Helmet (Included for a new player and renewed when helmet expires (3-year life) 

  • 50 Practice Target

  • $200 Team Store credit that can be used towards sublimated custom uniform, custom gloves, and/or other apparel choices

  • League & Summer Tournaments 

  • Indoor Winter Team & Individual Skill Sessions if available.     

* Most of our teams will be priced at our base program cost.  Pricing may be higher for some teams to accommodate other enhancements to the season such as specialty coaching teams, additional tournaments, showcases, box lacrosse, travel expenses & skill clinics. 



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