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Twenty4 Lacrosse is a Long Island based organization committed to the development of youth Lacrosse Players of all ages.   Our Academy level organization continues to grow with the dedication and commitment of our training directors, coaches, teams, families, and players.  We are proud to be a strong program with proven player development and valued family unity.  The Twenty4 foundation begins with highly dedicated staff of All-American, Collegiate level Training Directors and Coaches.  All with the professional experience that hard work, dedication and a strong training program will develop athletes and team players.  The Twenty4 program has inspired athletes across Long Island in becoming great Lacrosse players.  Joining Twenty Four Lacrosse is a commitment to your future.



To inspire and develop youth athlete’s to achieve their highest potential in becoming a Premier Lacrosse Players preparing them for their future.


“To inspire and develop athletes to achieve their highest potential”

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