Cantiague Park

Sunday, April 23rd


5th Grade Town Teams





Tournament Rules

  • NYS Modified Middle School rules

  • All games will start promptly at the assigned times.

  • Games will consist of two (20-minute) running halves.

  • Directions changes at halftime.

  • 1 time-out per half permitted (30 seconds).

  • No time out allowed in last 5 minutes.

  • Halftime will consist of one 2-minute break.

  • Continuous clocks will be kept by referees

  • Time serving penalties are kept by the on-field officials.

  • The official score will be kept by one of the officials on the field and tournament staff scoreboard on the sideline.  The staff and referee will confer throughout the game and stoppages to ensure the correct score.

  • All substitutions are on the fly.

  • All appropriate equipment and mouth guards must be worn at all times.

  • Officials and the tournament directors have final say on all interpretations and rulings.

  • Only 3 minutes between scheduled games.  End of game handshakes happen quickly at center of field. Once the game ends the new teams immediately take the field at their respective sides as handshakes from previous game are in progress, no warm-ups.

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